Still tired.

I know I know, I’m whining.  There is a lot going on right now.  I’m interviewing at a municipal agency next week, for one.  Firefighting class is going well.  It’s mildly amusing that my engine company is made up of the only 3 EMTs in the class.  We’re looking for witty names.  I’m also working part-time (yay holidays…….) at a local electronics retailer.  Provided things go well with the municipal agency, Len will be movin’ on up!  It will probably start with one 24 a week, then change up from there.  All I want is a boot in the door.  I will literally do anything to get it.  And finally, I’m touring the local Air National Guard base on Friday and making some decisions on paperwork, the rest of my life, etc.  No big deal.

I was going to write a massive post about how I hate commercial, for-profit ambulance services.  I really want to fume, and scream, and get angry over it.  The more I think about it, the more futile it seems.  They are a business.  They are a big, big, big business.  And, unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.  Sure, some might have a wheelchair service, or a stretcher van, but 99% of the time, they use a good old BLS ambulance.  It sucks, but it’s a fact of working as an entry-level commercial EMT.  Just typing that made me cringe.  I have nothing against businesses making money, but I hate having to be the one making it for them.  Now for the good:  Being a slave to commercial EMS, while soul-sucking and faith-in-humanity destroying isn’t hopeless.  It gives a new EMT a chance to acclimatize to the world of emergency services.  It gives the new EMT a chance to practice what they learned in class.  Essentially, it’s one big learning experience.  I believe that learning never stops, but I consider myself a good EMT.  For better or worse, I owe that to the place that I hate.  Huh.


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