If you want something done right…

Of course, it’s been a month since my last post. Oops. Hi. I am alive and mostly well. Once again I’m muddling the lines of work and personal life, breaking Rules 1 and 11. If you haven’t been following along, there is a certain list of rules for relationships (and life) I try to abide by. Myself an a doctor friend have been perfecting these for about 8 years. Here they are, in all their glory!

1- Do not invite drama into your personal life. Ever.

2- Never chase. Courtships are mutual. Chasing is one-sided.

3- You cannot force relationships to work. You can NOT force relationships to work.

4- No second chances. Decisions to end relationships should be final.

5- Loving someone doesn’t guarantee or mean you must be with them.

6- Money and babies do not save (or start) relationships.

7- Friend zone is a black hole from which is it is nearly impossible to escape.

8- Don’t be afraid to try; don’t be afraid to move on.

9- People don’t typically change, even if they claim they have.

10- You cannot argue your way to happiness.

11- Keep it out of the family. The family being work, friends’ sisters, etc.

12- Twelve dates and it’s gone nowhere? END IT.

Anyways, that was a fun little side note. Essentially, I’m breaking rules 1 and 11. You can make an exception for one rule, but not to the #1 rule. Also, if you violate 2 or more rules, run away. Realistically, this is probably an awful idea, but meh. Moving on!


One response to “If you want something done right…

  1. Good rules brother. Regarding rule 11, never dip your pen in the company inkwell, especially in EMS.

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